Mini-Whip active Antenna 10kHz - 30MHz


Mini-Whip active shortwave Antenna 10kHz - 30MHz


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Because of health reasons OM Bakker stopped the production of Mini-Whip Antannas for us. Therefore we started to produce our own Whip active antenna in January 2014. We have tried to integrate the advantages of the Mini-Whip and minimize the disadvantages. We did not a 1:1 copy just with an radiator, but really redesigned and created an excellent successor, the Bonito "Boni-Whip".

I made a completely fair test "Boni-Whip" against "Mini-Whip" and the result speaks clearly for the "Bon-Whip". About the quality and the differences between the new Boni-Whip and Mini-Whip have a look at our Newsroom article in english: .
More Information about the Boni-Whip active Antenna can be found here.
This Mini-Whip active Antenna is one of the smallest (only about 10 cm) long, medium and shortwave active antenna. It offers despite the small size, excellent reception results. Not only SWL listeners around the world, also skippers use this nice antenna on a boat.

This antenna was developed by the Dutch radio amateur Rohloff Baker (PA0RDT). It is an active EH-field antenna that already provides outside even from lowest frequencies a very good reception. The Bonito Mini-Whip active Antenna can be used already from 10 KHz and is therefore for low-frequency interested users a very good choice.

This antenna can be used for many reception purposes: SWLing, DXing, RTTY on LW, and RTTY and weather fax on short wave, NAVTEX, NDB's, aeronautical, radio and Hamradio (SSB, PSK, RTTY, Morse code, and much more) on shortwave.

Frequency Range: 10 kHz-30MHz
Power supply: 12-14Volt, ca. 45mAH
2.IP> +70 dBm
3.IP> +30 dBm
P.out ~ +20 dB

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For a better view, here are some Images.

Mini-Whip active shortwave Antenna. Small but very good Bonito Mini-Whip active shortwave Antenna

Review from Fernando ef="">
Well, if you see the size of the antenna, you may think the Bonito Mini-Whip active Antenna provides a weak reception. You will be absolutely surprised! In direct comparison with the high-end antennas, such as the Fenu loop / HDLA3 & ALA1530S +, the little Mini Whip does not need to hide. In the VLF & LW area, it provides signals that almost takes your breath away.
Great product at a great price! The Mini-Whip is a real insider tip!

See here how a "crazy" DXer, mounted his Mini-Whip Antenna on his Smart car:

ee here how a "crazy" DXer, mounted his Mini-Whip Antenna on his Smart car:


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