RadioCom 6 Web-Installation :
This DEMO is to show the possibilities of RadioCom 6. It is purely a DEMO and NOT a trial version. You can't connect your radio. It is playing an IF file, which will be demodulated, decoded and played back. It includes many different signals, as expected on the Band and it should feel exactly like live reception. The demo needs more computing power than the full version.

If you have problems and need assistance, please contact us by phone at +49 (0)5052 6052 oder per E-Mail.

If we could inspire you for this product it can be ordered here:
You will receive a complete box, with CD, Audio Cables & Bonito switchbox.
We recommend the same to order the appropriate cable assembly.

Find more information about RadioCom 6 here:

To download the RadioCom6 DEMO click here WebInstall or the download button

A window will open asking what you want to do with the file.
You might see a confirmation message, asking if you’re sure you want to run this software. Click ‘Run’ again.

The "WebInstall" program will be loaded and started.

Click on 'Install via Internet'.
This upload the files from the Internet onto your hard disk.


If all files where downloaded correctly, the installation dialog appears. By pressing "install" the installation will start.


After a successful installation is the registration procedure.

Please fill in all fields up to the field E-mail.

Press the button "check e-mail address and send control code" There is now an e-mail generated with a control code.

Pik up your e-mail. Copy the code and enter it into the
"E-mail control code " field.

Now press the Button "OK register me"


Now close the setup window.

Start the RadioCom DEMO by double clicking the icon on your desktop.



RadioCom 6 DEMO is designed in that way that no CD is needed.
The setup can be started via the Windows Start menu.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact us via e-mail or by phone at:

E-Mail: Formular
Telefon: 05052 6052


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