RadioJet 1102S

High Performance IF-Receiver

40 kHz - 32 MHz Frequency range
24 kHz Spectrum

The Bonito SDR shortwave receiver RadioJet 1102S combines innovative design with the advantages of modern computer technology. The frequency range is from 0.04 to 32 MHz with a minimum detectable signal at 3 dB above noise at -134 dBm (MDS). It is linear over the 16 kHz signal width, which then is displayed on a 24 kHz enlarged spectrum for assessing the quality of the filter. Of course, there is no AGC, but two digital output channels with different signal levels. Each of these channels has -15 dB ATT and can amplify or attenuate the input from -16 to +45 dB continuously. Therefore this SDR receiver can process an extremely weak signal without another signal being attenuated in its neighborhood. learn more about the RadioJet 1102S


RadioJet 1305 PLUS

Multi Band Hybrid Receiver

10 kHz - 1600 MHz Frequency range
500kHz - 3200kHz Spectrum

The popular IF-receiver RadioJet has been vastly improved and expanded by an additional IQ-receiver that offers you a large panoramic display. Additionally, the frequency range was extended beyond the shortwave bands. We call this combination of various receivers and special control systems ‘Hybrid Receiver’. Now it has become possible to make use of different demodulation systems. At the same time, you can select different frequency bands and antennas. All these features make the monitoring of the bands a lot easier. As a further option you can add another SDR of your choice. learn more about the RadioJet 1305 PLUS