Bonito RadioJet Decoder

Bonito RadioJet 1102S

The RadioJet software can be easily and cost effectively extent with optional decoders. With this option you can decode: Weatherfax, SSTV, PSK 31, RTTY, CW, Navtex, Sitor, time signal, etc.
Here are some screenshots:


Bonito RadioJet Decoder PSK31

The decoding of PSK31 is now very easy. Just double click the signal and thanks to the new PSK-Bufffers, the Bonito decoder directly display the text of the last 256 characters.


Bonito RadioJet Decoder SSTV

Decoding of SSTV is now just as easy as PSK31. Again: Just double the signal and the decoder automatically phased itself to the SSTV signal. Also, the skew is automatically detected and pulled straight


Bonito RadioJet Decoder DCF77 Zeitzeichensender

Even the decoding of the time signal transmitter DCF-77 and MSF is already integrated.