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  • High Performance IF-Receiver (SDR)

  • 0,04 MHz - 32 MHz

  • MDS - 134 dBm = 0.03 μVolt sensitivity
    MDS = (Minimum Detectable Signal 3 dB above noise)

  • Very high IP3: +29dBm (High-IP)

  • 16 kHz crystal filter 10 pol roofing filter incl. notches

  • Displayed on 24 kHz spectrum width at a sample rate of 48 kHz

  • Dual 16 bit ADC, for 2 signal levels as RX and DX channel

  • Easy Plug & Play Installation

  • LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, Stereo DRM

  • Modern flexible User Interface

  • Audio and IF recording and playback

  • Integrated Frequency Database

  • Integrated DRM Decoder

  • No VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) necessary

  • IF/AF Spektrumanalyzer and Oscilloscopes

  • OpenSource DLL  for 3rd-Party Software

  • Free Online-Updates

  • Made in Germany

You won't believe your ears!
The Bonito shortwave receiver RadioJet 1102S combines innovative design with the advantages of modern computer technology. The frequency range is from 40 kHz to 32 MHz with a minimum detectable signal at 3 dB above noise at -134 dBm (DNS). It is linear over the 16 kHz signal width, which then is displayed on a 24 kHz enlarged spectrum for assessing the quality of the filter. The noise floor is extremely low because there are no active parts between the antenna and the ADC.

Strictly speaking, this radio is not an SDR, although it is exclusively controlled by computer. As far as we know, no SDR has defined, controlled, read or computed anything like the RadioJet. Bonito RadioJet is a short wave receiver with a built-in USB audio device and a 24kHz multi-channel IF-Input or to put it simply:

The most obvious application of modern radio technology.

The electronics of this receiver has such a high integration density that it may seem to the expert as if some elements are missing which normally define a receiver. For example, there is no AGC, but two digital output channels with different signal levels. Each of these channels has -15 dB ATT and can amplify or attenuate the input from -16 to +45 dB continuously. The entire signal is placed into position in the RX channel as a 144 dB scaled signal. Simultaneously, a ~40 dB stronger signal is offered via the high resolution DX-channel. This receiver can process an extremely weak signal without another signal being attenuated in its neighborhood. Thus, no strong transmitter can suppress a weaker signal or can overmodulate the receiver to such a degree that the signal can no longer be read.
A new experience in listening
During the development of this receiver, we paid special attention to the audio signal quality; you will hear a high quality audio and you will also see the result in dB in the high resolution spectrum (1 Hz). The excellent audio quality of the Bonito RadioJet will convince professionals and shortwave listeners alike.

Hearvolutionary the new Bonito RadioJet 1102S SDR Receiver

No completely new technology was used, but we implemented a totally new understanding of electromagnetic processes. In order to create a new receiver generation, the new physical theories of bonitistic geometry were used successfully. The result is a very high IP3 (+29 dBm), excellent dynamic range (96 / 136 dB), outstanding sensitivity of 0.03 ÁV on a very low noise floor MDS -134 dBm and 1 Hz tuning accuracy. With these key features and its versatile software the RadioJet 1102S is probably the most innovative IF-Receiver on the market at an affordable price.

Real Plug and Play
Based on our years and years of work with various USB receivers, it was clear to us that a complicated installation results in frustrated customers. Developing the RadioJet, it was our aim to make the installation as easy as possible. An IF-Input-Device is built into the RadioJet so that the receiver is like an external USB-Audio card and easy installation without a external driver installation is assured.

Good software replaces expensive hardware

Bonito RadioJet Software SDR Receiver

The center piece of this IF-receiver is the included software. The standard software is already very extensive and is geared to the casual listener as well as well as experienced DXers. It was designed for those who want to get a bit more out of a signal without constantly having to start additional software. The user interface of the RadioJet is very similar to a professional receiver and is divided into several layouts. There are zoomable spectrum analyzer configurations in high resolution. Depending on the layout, you will see displays of the frequency, the filters, spectrum in 2D or 3D or waterfall displays. In addition, you will find all the controls match the layout and operating mode. The receiver’s selectivity, IF shift, passband tuning, notch and all other functions can be adjusted with the mouse cursor. It contains all necessary features such as many different noise reduction modes, memories, squelch (including the new SNR-Squelch), many tuning options, and a wide choice of different demodulation modes including DRM.

The receiver comes with the standard Software and the following features:
Reception and recording of transmissions in USB, LSB, CW, FM and DRM. DRM Decoder, MRSS. All filters are completely variable and can be manually adjusted. S-meter and spectroscope have an extremely accurate dBm-scale and can be calibrated

For more Features click here

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Bonito RadioJet 1102S (with Support) 599,-€ Buy Now

The following options will be available soon with surcharge:

1. RX-Decoder Software


Decoding of RTTY, CW, PSK, SSTV, FAX and Time....
2. TX-Control & Encoder Software


Transceiver Control, En- & Decoding of RTTY, CW, PSK, SSTV, FAX....
3. RX / TX- Full version


Both options (2 & 3)
4. Project 7 RadioCom


RX-TX Option (2 & 3) plus RadioCom 6
5. Weather Receiving Software


Marine reception and organization of WeatherFax, Navtex, RTTY und Synopsis ....

All Prices including 19% VAT within the EU. Outside the EU, no VAT is charged.

Successful world premiere at the Hamradio 2011

TV Interview in the crowd with Peter (DG2OY) Crowded Bonito booth

What's in the Box?
• 1 x Bonito RadioJet 1102S
• 1 x Bonito RadioJet Software in selected Version
• Short instructions
• Online Manual

Minimum requirements
You should use a powerful PC for operating the RadioJet 1102S smoothly and comfortably:
- 1.6 GHz INTEL Pentium M CPU with at least 1 GB RAM
- USB 2.0 High Speed port (480 Mbit/s)
- Soundcard 16 Bit, AC-97 compatible audio
- Graphics card with at least 1024X600 pixels and suitable display
- Computer mouse with two buttons and a wheel
- Hard disk with a minimum of 10GB
- System software: Windows 7, Windows XP SP3

All online Updates are free.

Technical data
It is common to compare the technical data of receivers. However, with most digital devices the data cannot be compared. Certain features of hardware and software definitions make this impossible. For example, values are shown in dB or dBm according to the analogue principle, although this principle is no guarantee for a good audible signal.

For a better understanding: 160 dB would be a fantastic value for any receiver. But this fantastic number becomes impossible, if you scale the variable data in 10 dB steps up to 160 dB and have 16 different values. You will understand immediately that the signal cannot be decoded understandably neither acoustically nor phonetically.

Unfortunately, this occurs quite often with SDR's and even dB experts including their measuring equipment can be fooled. As soon as a 14-bit ADC is used, nobody wants to accept that even 16384 data (84dB) are no guarantee for intelligibility, even if the data are taken from one scale which is divided from 0-144dBm. In this way, the impression is created that you can convert a 144 dB signal from a 84 dB signal which is comparable to an infinity scaled analogue signal.

So, before you start comparing things, it would be good idea to get some information on digital comparison criteria, such as: good to know about SDR's von DG2OY
Technical Data Sound Device
PC-Connection and Driver installation USB 2.0 self installing USB HID- and Audio-Interface
PC-Interface Device Name IF-Receiver RadioJet 1102S
Input Sound Samples 48000 at 2x16 Bit Resolution
Output Sound Samples 24000 at 2x16 Bit Resolution
Left Channel = DX-Channel DX +30 dB for real 48 dB in HI-Resolution
Right Channel  = RX-Channel MDS -134 dBm (~0,04 ÁV) in 16-Bit Resolution
Automatic channel selection RX/DX > 144dB in 24-Bit Resolution
A/D Converter 2 x 16 Bit cascaded to 24-Bit HI-Resolution
Mixer Dynamic Range -16 to +45 dB real

Technical Data Software - for Microsoft- Windows 7, Vista & XP only
Demodulation method Real sampling = no I/Q-Complex
Demodulations-Modes LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, Stereo-DRM
IF-Filter Variable 100-24000 Hz at +/- 5 KHz Shift
IF-Equalizer Manually (mouse) adjusted filter for Notch and Bandpass
IF-Recorder Record and Playback 24 KHz / 48000 Samples
IF-Spektrumanalyzer 24 KHz / 160 dB with 3D-LandScape and TimeSpect

Technical Data IF-Receiver
Power consumption max. 220mA  USB-Powered
Size / weight 112 x 103 x 31 mm / 0.22 kg (3.3 x 4 x 1.2 in / about 7 oz)
Reception Method Active Mixer 45.012 MHz + VFO no AGC
Frequency range 40 KHz – 32 MHz   in 1 Hz Steps
IF-Band width 24 KHz
IF-Filter 16 KHz (- 3dB) 10 pol Crystal filter
Image rejection >90dB / 1.IF (LO + 45MHz) >70dB / 2.IF (In-Band -24KHz)
Dynamic range ~96.32 dB real = () =~136.22 dB
Max. Antenna level +10dBm typ.
Intermodulation free dynamic range > 102 dB typ.

Sensitivities DX-Channel Height-IP active
Noise floor
(0.15-30MHz / 2.3KHz BW)
-137dBm (.03ÁV) -122 dBm (.18ÁV)
linear processable level
(0.15-30MHz / 2.3KHz BW)
-40 dBm -15 dBm
Intercept-Point 3 IP3
 (7.00 & 7.20MHz)
+14 dBm +29dBm

This is a preliminary document.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.


many thanks to Klaus Floer

(c) 2011 BONITO Germany

Web: www.bonito.net      email: anfragen@bonito.net