RadioCom 3.0 > RadioCom 3.52

ACT. VERSION  = RadioCom 3.53

	RC-3.53-26.04.99: Add. Receiver ICOM 706, 706 MKII, 706 MKIIg
	RC-3.53-26.03.99: Add. Receiver AOR AR-8200
	RC-3.52-06.03.99: Add. Receiver NRD 525,545, YAESU FT- 767GX,840,847,890,980,990 FRG-8800
	RC-3.51-15.02.99: Steps:    8.333, 12.5 and 25 KHz
	RC.3.51-15.02.99: new TX-Windows
Kill Problems:	
	RC-3.53-26.04.99: Problems with the ICOM_RADIO Variable for ICOM 706, 706 MKII, 706 MKIIg
	RC.3.53-26.03.99: diverse Problems	if maschine to slow
	RC.3.52-06.03.99: No Mode Select	no USB,LSB... if Frequency set per list selection
	RC.3.52-06.03.99: No seting the PTT  	(diverse Transceivers)
	RC.3.51-15.02.99: No Receiver found 	(if a new Computer instaliert)
						(if 'no remote' is choose)
	RC.3.51-15.02.99: Frequency limitation  (now! no limitation)

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