Bonito RadioJet 1102S

  • High Performance IF-Receiver (SDR)
  • 0,04 MHz – 32 MHz
  • MDS -134 dBm = 0,03 µVolt sensitivity
  • Very high IP3: +29dBm (High-IP)
  • 16 kHz crystal filter 10 pol roofing filter incl. notches
  • Displayed on 24 kHz spectrum width at a sample rate of 48 kHz
  • Dual 16 bit ADC, for 2 signal levels as RX and DX channel
  • LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, Stereo DRM
  • Modern flexible User Interface
  • Audio and IF recording and playback
  • Integrated Frequency Database
  • Integrated DRM Decoder
  • OpenSource DLL for 3rd-Party Software
  • Free Online-Updates
  • Made in Germany

You won’t believe your ears!

The Bonito shortwave receiver RadioJet 1102S combines innovative design with the advantages of modern computer technology. The frequency range is from 40 kHz to 32 MHz with a minimum detectable signal at 3 dB above noise at -134 dBm (DNS). It is linear over the 16 kHz signal width, which then is displayed on a 24 kHz enlarged spectrum for assessing the quality of the filter. The noise floor is extremely low because there are no active parts between the antenna and the ADC.

Strictly speaking, this radio is not an SDR, although it is exclusively controlled by computer. As far as we know, no SDR has defined, controlled, read or computed anything like the RadioJet. Bonito RadioJet is a short wave receiver with a built-in USB audio device and a 24kHz multi-channel IF-Input or to put it simply: The most obvious application of modern radio technology.

The electronics of this receiver has such a high integration density that it may seem to the expert as if some elements are missing which normally define a receiver. For example, there is no AGC, but two digital output channels with different signal levels. Each of these channels has -15 dB ATT and can amplify or attenuate the input from -16 to +45 dB continuously. The entire signal is placed into position in the RX channel as a 144 dB scaled signal. Simultaneously, a ~40 dB stronger signal is offered via the high resolution DX-channel. This receiver can process an extremely weak signal without another signal being attenuated in its neighborhood. Thus, no strong transmitter can suppress a weaker signal or can overmodulate the receiver to such a degree that the signal can no longer be read.

A new experience in listening

During the development of this receiver, we paid special attention to the audio signal quality; you will hear a high quality audio and you will also see the result in dB in the high resolution spectrum (1 Hz). The excellent audio quality of the Bonito RadioJet will convince professionals and shortwave listeners alike.

No completely new technology was used, but we implemented a totally new understanding of electromagnetic processes. In order to create a new receiver generation, the new physical theories of bonitistic geometry were used successfully. The result is a very high IP3 (+29 dBm), excellent dynamic range (96 / 136 dB), outstanding sensitivity of 0.03 µV on a very low noise floor MDS -134 dBm and 1 Hz tuning accuracy. With these key features and its versatile software the RadioJet 1102S is probably the most innovative IF-Receiver on the market at an affordable price.

Good software replaces expensive hardware

The center piece of this IF-receiver is the included software. The standard software is already very extensive and is geared to the casual listener as well as well as experienced DXers. Bonito is the only manufacturer to deliver a complete software package containing all the functions which the radio listener needs. Beginning with diverse spectrum displays, a huge frequency list (with free updates), a map of the world showing all stations, variable filters, IF & AF recorder, scanner, DRM-Decoder and further including optional decoders for weather fax, CW, PSK, RTTY, Navtex etc. Everything is displayed on a single user interface. Not only all this, but also functions of other Bonito products such as the AntennaJet ASM 300 are already integrated and can be used directly via the software. Everything hassle -free and quickly installed without complicated searches for drivers and updates.

Real Plug and Play

Based on our years and years of work with various USB receivers, it was clear to us that a complicated installation results in frustrated customers. Developing the RadioJet, it was our aim to make the installation as easy as possible. An IF-Input-Device is built into the RadioJet so that the receiver is like an external USB-Audio card and easy installation without a external driver installation is assured!

The receiver comes with the standard Software and the following features: Reception and recording of transmissions in USB, LSB, CW, FM and DRM. DRM Decoder, MRSS. All filters are completely variable and can be manually adjusted. S-meter and spectroscope have an extremely accurate dBm-scale and can be calibrated.

What’s in the Box?

  • Bonito RadioJet 1102S
  • Bonito RadioJet Software
  • Short instructions
  • Online Manual (on CD-ROM)

Minimum requirements

  • 1.6 GHz INTEL Pentium M CPU and 1 GB RAM
  • USB 2.0 High-Speedport (480 Mbit/s)
  • Soundcard 16 Bit Stereo
  • Graphics card with at least 1024X600 pixels and suitable display
  • Computer mouse with two buttons and a wheel
  • Hard disk with a minimum of 10GB
  • System software: Windows 8, 7, Windows XP SP3
  • All online Updates are free

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