Bonito Tuningwheel

Bonito TuningWheel

The most common argument against an SDR (Software Defined Radio or Receiver) was so far: “I need something with real buttons”. Even those who already uses an SDR / IF receiver, but every now and then longs for a VFO knob. For this, we now have a good and inexpensive solution.

The Bonito Tuning Wheel combines the advantages of an analog VFO knob with the various options of a software-based receiver such our RadioJet (also Perseus SDR, Winradio and even Kenwood TS-590 and TS-990 etc). You get a nice knob with push button function whose Socket can glow even beautiful blue. All functions are programmable and thus even provide direct access to important settings and give you the “analog” feeling that you are missing.

The Bonito TuningWheel will be connected via USB to your PC and does not need any extra power supply.

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Bonito Tuningwheel Program, Drivers for Vista, 7, 8 & 10 (32 & 64 Bit) and settings for RadioJet


Installation video


Settings for Kenwood TS-590 / TS-990S

Settings for RadioCom 6

Manual for Power SDR Flexradio