Low Loss Coax Cables


Why use coax cable? Over the last ten year interferences have been increasing. There are more and more switching power supplies, photovoltaic installations and other electrical devices in our homes, which are …

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Paloran 200 passive Loop Antenna

Paloran 200 Loopantenne

The PALORAN 200 is a high-quality broadband passive loop antenna for a rrequency range of 9kHz to 200MHz. The Paloran 200 antenna is a good alternative when you have sufficient room to …

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MegActiv MA305FT- Wideband Active Antenna

Megactiv MA305FT wideband Aktivantenne

With the new MegActiv MA305FT we expand our range of USB-powered E-field active antennas. The MegActiv MA305FT close the gap between the Boni-Whip and the GigActiv GA3005 E-Field Antennas. Wide frequency range 9kHz …

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Der KiwiSDR, ein Multitalent mit hohem Mehrwert, auch ohne Internet! Der KiwiSDR ist ein sogenannter Net-SDR/ Web-SDR oder besser Netztwerk-SDR. Das bedeutet, dass der Kiwi den gesamten Frequenzbereich von 10kHz bis 32MHz …

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Bonito AntennaJet AAS300DP

AntennaJet AAS300DP

The active antenna splitter AAS300DP splits one antenna lossless to 3 receivers Large dynamic range Wide Frequency range 9kHz -300MHz (- 450MHz*) High intermodulation suppression  High isolation between outputs (>70dB) High reverse isolation Power supply …

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Galvanic Antenna Isolator GI300

GI300 Galvanischer Antennen Isolator

This product is replaced by the successor GI1000. The GI300 suppresses noise reaching the ground connections on the receiver. The GI300 covers a wide-band range of 30 kHz – 300 MHz (typ. …

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Over Voltage Protector OVP1000

OVP1000 Überspannungsschutz Overvoltage Protector

Small part, big impact! Triple protection against excessive voltage on antenna cables to protect your receiver. High current pulses caused by nearby thunderstorms will be dissipated. The OVP1000 protects in three ways …

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LP060 Low Pass Filter

Low Pass Filter LP60 LP060 Tiefpassfilter

The elliptically-formed low pass filter LP060 from NTi suppresses all frequencies above 60 MHz. Highly effective antennas combined with near-by strong FM stations often overburden the input of the radio and cause …

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