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Common Mode Noise Filter CCMC30

CCMC 30 Coax Common Mode Noise Filter. Noise Rejection: >30dB @ 150kHz - 30MHz. Imepdance 50 Ohms / DC coupled

CCMC30 Common Mode Noise Filter

Noise filters are nothing new and are often used for transmitting purposes. They are used to prevent unwanted radiation via the coax shielding. It is less known that they can also suppress unwanted radiation when receiving signals, especially when an active antenna is used. However, in this case, the situation is reversed: en route to the antenna, unwanted interferences from electric home appliances can be effectively eliminated.

Mantelwellensperre CCMC30 Coax Common Mode Noise Filter Vergleich

NTi’s Coaxial Common Mode Noise Filter (CCMC30) has been especially optimized for maximum common mode noise rejection of >30dB wide band in the frequency range of 150kHz – 30MHz. With slight limitations a much wider frequency range is covered. In the medium wave range for example a noise suppression of up to 45 dB can be achieved.

Noise rejection diagram Mantelwellensperre CCMC30

This is possible by using a cascaded system of ferrite cores with various frequency dependent material properties, combined with high quality coaxial cable. For outdoor use, the system is housed in a water-proof enclosure. We recommend to connect the CCMC30 as closely as possible to the receiver.

CCMC30 connected to an SDRPlay RSPduo

With regard to efficient noise suppression, the CCMC 30 is not very much different from the galvanic isolator GI1000. However, the CCMC30 performes down to lowest frequencies including DC voltage, in contrast to the GI1000, which blocks DC voltages and very low frequencies. The CCMC30 can thus be connected directly to the coax cable which passes the supply voltage or the control signals to the active antenna. A series connection of the GI1000 directly connected to the receiver followed by the CCMC30 right behind the power inserter may result in an even better performance.

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Technical Data

  • Guaranteed frequency range: 150 kHz – 30 MHz
  • Common Mode Wave suppression: >30 dB: 150 kHz -30MHz (>20 dB: 30kHz-60MHz)
  • Insertion loss: <1 dB (up to max. 150 MHz)
  • Size: 100x68x50mm (132mm with BNC connectors)
  • Connectors: 2x BNC 50Ohm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Made in Germany

Absolutely not for transmitting purposes!


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