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Weltempfänger Tecsun PL-990x

Tecsun PL-990x Weltempfänger bei Bonito

Tecsun PL-990x Weltempfänger AM/SW/LW/MP Bluetooth MP3 Player Der neue Tecsun PL-990x Weltempfänger ist ein Upgrade auf den weiterhin verfügbaren und nach wie vor sehr beliebten PL-880. Wir haben den neuen Tecsun PL-990X …

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CCMC50 Common Mode Noise Filter

CCMC 50 Coax Common Mode Noise Filter

CCMC50 Common Mode Noise Filter Noise filters are nothing new and are often used for transmitting purposes. They are used to prevent unwanted radiation via the coax shielding. It is less known …

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Power Inserter CPI1500

CPI1500UNI Teaser

The CPI1500UNI is the successor to the CPI1000DP power inserter with further enhanced performance features. It supplies a remote powered active antenna with the required supply voltage via the connected coax cable. …

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Galvanic Antenna Isolator GI1000

GI1000 Galvanischer Antennen Isolator

The Galvanic Antenna Isolator GI1000 suppresses noise reaching the ground connections on the receiver. The GI1000 covers a wide-band range of 50 kHz – 1 GHz (typ. 1,5dB insertion loss). This unit can …

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