CPI1500UNI Teaser

Power Inserter CPI1500

The CPI1500UNI is the successor to the CPI1000DP power inserter with further enhanced performance features. It supplies a remote powered active antenna with the required supply voltage via the connected coax cable.

The power inserter CPI1500 can be supplied with power via an external power supply with a 2.1mm barrel connector (max. 15 volts). To prevent interference from the power source, we recommend using a transformer power supply instead of a switching power supply.

Alternatively, the CPI1500UNI can also be supplied via USB using an optionally available adapter cable, thus supplying 5 volt-powered antennas such as the MegaLoop FX, MegActiv MA305FT or MegaDipol MD300DX with low interference.


The use of high quality BNC sockets with PTFE dielectric results in a very low insertion loss. For screening the power supply and decoupling oversized and low-loss toroidal chokes are used. Thus the new CPI1500 has an extended frequncy range from 9kHz to now 1500MHz!

CPI1500UNI Spektrum

In addition, reverse polarity protection and an automatically resetting fuse is integrated, which limits the maximum current to 400mA.

Two status LEDs provide information about the operating voltage (green) and a possible short circuit (red) on the coax line to the antenna.

Technical specifications

  • Frequency range: 9kHz – 1500MHz
  • Max. Insertion loss: max. 1.5 dB; typ. <1dB @ 1500MHz
  • Max. Supply voltage: 15Volt DC max. 400mA
  • Connection: 2.1 mm barrel connector
  • Antenna connection: BNC
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Use: Indoor, not suitable for outdoor use!
Do not use for transmitting purposes!