RadioCom 6

The premium hamradio software suite

RTTY-, CW-, PSK 31-, SSTV- WFax-, SatFax-, Time signal, SDR Integration,
plus SubDecoder as well as TX Encoder

  • DualChannel Version (2 Radios simultaneous)
  • DualRadioControl (for more than 120 Radios without extra Hardware)
  • Full SDR Integration no extra Software needed
  • Bonito SDR-BandWatch® (Virtual Receivers)
  • Multi Signal Decoding
  • DRM in preperation
  • flexible User Interface, Multi-display capable
  • 3D Frequency and Channel Scanner, DSP-Filter Equalizer, SatTrack
  • 6 integrated Frequency Data banks incl. ScheduleManager
  • Hi-Res Spectrum Analyzer, Audio Analyzer and Oscilloscopes
  • Internet Satellite Image Download service included
  • Bonito Switchbox included
  • Great online Manual with Videos
  • free Online-Updates

RadioCom 6 is a software suite featuring encoding and decoding of various digital and analog signals from a radio. It is also capable to control radios (CAT) and significantly improves sound and audio quality. RadioCom6 is the successor of the successful RadioCom5. All functions of the predecessor were improved and many new features added. It is able to control several radios and significantly improve sound quality. RadioCom6 transmits and receives data (SSTV, PSK31, RTTY, Weather fax, Synop, Navtex, CW and more) and from the Internet (world wide satellite pictures) in one program. Two Radios can be connected simultaneously to 1 sound card only. You can run and operate several decoders at the same time. The Digital Sound-Processor (DSP) of the sound card is used. That is why the quality is better than anything compatible. The moment RadioCom starts, some of the foremost changes are in plain view: it is distinctive and eye-catching. Colors are subtler and the overall looks are just magnificent, never seen before.

RadioCom 6 Dual Monitor

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RadioCom 6 Features

For efficient operation the work area should be as large as possible. With RadioCom 6 you will be able to conveniently adapt the user surface to your liking. You can even spread it across several monitors. For example, you can display two RadioControls on one screen and decoders and analyzers on another. Using the integrated “color management” the window colors of the user interface can be set as well. This can improve the visibility extremely if you operate for example in the night/evening.


DualRadioControl with RadioCom 6 is now able to control two radios simultaneously. The supplied Bonito Switchbox features RadioControl for more than 100 radios without the need for additional hardware since the switchbox includes level converters for ICOM, YAESU, Kenwood, TenTec, Elecraft, Bonito RadioJet and others (see list). New USB-controlled radios are also supported of course. The FrequencySlider and the possibility to use the mouse wheel for tuning signals significantly increases user comfort. This is also true for the completely new flexible user surface.

RadioCom 6 Dual Radio Controll

Bonito Switchbox

The package contains the Bonito Switchbox. The Switchbox includes Level Converter / CAT Interface for more than 100 Radio’s like ICOM, YAESU, Kenwood… and the Switch for the PTT if you transmit. No expensive Level converters or Soundcard interfaces are necessary. It just needs a simple cable to control the Radio and for TX.
In the case you want to make the cable by your self, we provide a list of all wiring diagrams here. But you can buy a complete Cable set for your Radio from you local deal or directly from us LINK.

RadioCom 6 anschließen

The Bonito Switchbox is a Serial interface and needs a free COM-Port. If your Computer have no COM-Port or they are blocked with different Hardware, you can use our USB to Serial Adapter or any other USB-Serial Adapter which has all pins connected and a good driver available.


Normally those devices are unnecessary for RadioCom 6 but a lot of Ham’s already owns one and still want to use this expensive Hardware. Now RadioCom supports the following Interfaces: RigExpert, MicroHam, Funkamateur, TigerTronics. RigBlaster will follow soon.

RadioCom 6 anschließen USB-Tranceiver


The Frequency-Manager comprises of one main and 8 user databases. They can log all complex settings of a radio broadcast station and bring them up again when needed. These databases also include all decoder data, Keppler data (for satellite reception) as well as other decoder data. The main database is kept up to date using the online updating function. The Time-Manager helps you plan various tasks. You will never miss a beat.

RadioCom 6 Frequenzliste

Frequency and Channel Scanner

The Frq-/Channel-Scanner-Functions display signal strength, audio events or graphs in 3D. Event logging makes it possible to subsequently analyze events with frequency and time. With Audio-Recorder you can record and play back signals for later analysis or decoding.

RadioCom 6 Frequnzscanner

Multimode En-& multi Decoder

RadioCom 6 decodes all common modes such as WeatherFax (in 1:1 resolution!), SatFax (in 1:1 resolution!), RTTY, CW, SSTV (all popular Modes like Scottie, Robot, Martin, Wrase, MMSSTV incl. the Bonito Modes and a Mode Creator) , PSK (PSK31, Q- and B-PSK) and Synopsis in superior quality. Now you can use several and even different decoders parallel! You may decode 6 PSK signals simultaneously while receiving Fax, SSTV or something else on the other channel. Since every decoder has its own window everything is displayed in a very user-friendly way.

RadioCom 6 Dual Monitor

Transmitting with RadioCom 6

The TX pages were designed to be clearly arranged and simple to use. Images, for example, can be brought into the TX window simply by drag and drop, and be sent off immediately. You can queue up several images and text and RadioCom will send them out one by one. All images can be viewed and edited using the ResultViewer.


RadioCom 6 is able to receive and display Satellite Fax in high resolution, live and synchronously without the usual Doppler effects. In addition the integrated SatTracking program allows you to view all satellites on a world map for tracking.


The AudioController controls all audio functions, drivers and mixers, as well as the special AudioSquelch and the DSP-filters with the new FFT-E-Equalizer (Fast-Fourier-Transformation-Extreme).

RadioCom 6 DSP Filter

RadioCom 6 uses the digital sound processor (DSP) of your soundcard with special techniques the quality is higher than anything you have come across before. RadioCom6 is able to improve the sound quality in ways that are impossible even with expensive DSP receivers. The audio signal reaches the computer directly through a standard soundcard. The filtered received signal is made audible by the computer speakers. Even completely noise-covered signals are improved in such way that the effect of the integrated equalizer can be heard very clearly. This equalizer lets you arrange several notch filters within one band pass filter, or create a filter curve with custom wave pattern and variable slope at 2-Hz resolution. Simply draw your desired filter curve with you own complex characteristics and systematically eliminate interference.


RadioCom 6 also have a lot Displays to analyze the Signal in real-time. Dual-Scope improves the analysis of cause and effect of signal quality on the result. Spectrum Analyzer, Time-Spectroscope and X/Y-Scope are also available.



SoftwareDefinedRadio’s are very popular in the Moment, but the available Software is often not very useful. Bonito starts now to implement SDR Radios in that way that the owner really can use his SDR. The new Bonito BandWatch gives you the feeling to have more than only one radio. Each of the 4 BandWatch-Controls can have a different modulation and decoder. You can receive for example 4 different SSTV Images simultaneous.

RadioCom 6 SDR Integration

The possibilities are immense. To improve or to highlight a specific Signal, you can simply draw your desired IF-Filter directly with the computer mouse in real time. We know, this sounds like a lot of fun :-).

SDR-IF Filter

On a AM broadcast for example, you can create a completely variable IF Filter. With RadioCom 6 you can you can simply draw now multiple narrow Notch filters which oppress unwanted interferences. (see image)

RadioCom 6 IF-Filter


As you can see RadioCom 6 put everything in one program and
there is no need for you to think about a software program for each mode.

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System requirements

SSB-Receiver or Transceiver (remote controlled if possible) RadioCom 6 can be combined with almost all brands of radios. For example, those produced by Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, and Siemens, and any others with SSB reception. However, these cannot use timer-operated remote/radio control. We recommend controllable Radios, such as those made by Bonito, Yaesu, ICOM, Kenwood, TenTec, Drake, JRC, AOR, and Skanti. In the delivered switchbox is already the control-electronic inside to remote control for more than 120 receivers and transceivers. RadioCom supports the following SDR’s: RadioJet: 1102S / 1305P, Winradio all G3 i/e Modells, RF-Space, DTR1, Elecraft K3, CG-Antenna, Elektor, Perseus (Ver 4.x), … More SDR’s will follow.


Intel Pentium M processor with at least 1,6 GHz, 1GB RAM, a bi-directional sound card with a LINE-IN port, a spare COM port, and either Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 or higher, as well as a graphics card with 1280×1024 16 bit colour resolution. When using an SDR’s the requirements are higher depending on the minimum requirements of the SDR. We recommend in this case Intel CoreDuo with 2 GHz and 4 GB RAM to enjoy all SDR Features.

Internet connection is required for registration, software updates and support.

You don’t need a level converter!

The Bonito Switchbox already comes with the software package for most radios. This reduces the cost to a minimum to upgrade to the digital age.

Supported Radios RadioCom

RadioCom can be combined with almost all brands of radios. For example, those produced by Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, and Siemens, and any others with SSB reception. However, these cannot use timer-operated remote/radio control. We recommend controllable Radios, such as those you see in this list: Supported Radios and Receiver

Cable Connections

Here you find all cable connections for the different Radios: Cables Sets