MeteoJet 1204S

Bonito MeteoJet 1204S Receiver

TheMeteoJet 1204S receiver is a new development by BONITO and uses the latest receiving technology. It is a first class computer-based radio. The signal is directly processed with the BONITO software MeteoCom 6. From 40 kHz to 30 MHz, the receiver can be tuned with an accuracy of 1 Hz. The extremely good sensitivity was optimized even more so that good reception is guaranteed with even relatively short antennas. Because of its high overload capacity, the BONITO MeteoJet 1204S SDR receiver is an ideal basis for reliable and automatic reception.

Bonito MeteoJet Receiver front

The receiver comes in a small housing and is connected to a PC (not supplied) via USB and is directly supplied with voltage. A BNC connector is on the rear of the housing. Because the BONITO MeteoJet is a so-called IF receiver, the decoding of maritime signals is no problem whatsoever. The digitalized signal is processed from the very beginning. Thus data can be decoded easily and new modes can be added with an update. By decoding weather faxes, Navtex and RTTY directly, a much better quality is the result. Additionally, the digital signal filtering has the advantage that even distorted or weak signals can still be decoded very well.

On board, you need almost no room to install the MeteoJet. There is only one USB cable required, which also supplies the radio with voltage. An additional power supply is not necessary

The BONITO MeteoJet works with third party software as well. As far as the quality of the reception is concerned, it surpasses that of the WINRADIO and that for a spectacular price.

The difference between the MeteoJet and the RadioJet 1305P is that MeteoJet is more adapted for maritime use and that is why the frame is sealed with four layers of special lacquer to withstand the salty air at sea.

Bonito Bonito MeteoJet 1204S Rear

The 2017 model is based on the RadioJet 1305P, but has only one receiver. The USB port on the rear is available for all other application. You can connect a mouse, GPS or similar. The second BNC socket is not equipped with this model.

Technical Data:

Tuning range: 0,040–32 MHz
Modes: AM, USB, LSB, CW, DRM Stereo
Operating temperature range: –10 °C to +60 °C
24 Bit ADC with a sensitivity of .03 µVolts on a noise level of -137 dBm
Frequency Stability: better than ±3 ppm
Power supply: USB-Powered
Power consumption max. 0,22 A
Antenna connection: 50 Ohms (BNC)
Dimensions (W×H×D; without protruding parts): 112 mm × 32 mm × 112 mm

Scope of delivery

  • Meteojet 1204S SDR-Receiver
  • USB-Kabel