WIB-E Pro weather information system

WIB-E Pro … Weather for Europe and Atlantic

Digital sea-weather receiver for the PC (USB) – European and Atlantic-wide weather information from Offenbach (DWD), Northwood, Boston and New Orleans and Halifax – World-wide Navtex receiption – Barograph

  • Sea-weather forecasts of the DWD (German weather service) on short and long wave
  • Facsimile weatherfax of the DWD, Northwood, Boston, New Orleans and Halifax
  • NAVTEX at 490 kHz and 518 kHz
  • Decoded Synop messages of the DWD
  • For Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • Easy to use
  • full automatic frequency tuning
  • Diagram of the air pressure process, with tendency announcement
  • Use free of charge for the Skipper

Bonito’s new Weather Information system WEATHERiNFOBOX-Pro is a tiny box with an integrated SDR-SSB Receiver, a Weather decoder and an air pressure sensor. It receives WeatherFax, Navtex, Synopsis as well as RTTY Messages, European-AND NOW also Atlantic- wide fully automatically and stores it in to the integrated memory. It receives the German Weather Service, Northwood and all reachable Navtex (490 kHz or 518 kHz) stations on all possible frequencies totally PC independent. Additionally the device contains an air pressure sensor to record the air pressure course for an interval of maximal seven days.

The WIB-E Pro does not have any control elements. All functions will be activated by the PC. The antenna socket (BNC) can be connected with an active antenna (12V supplied from the WIBE-Pro) or a passive antenna (e.g., isolated backstay, WHIP Antenna, Balun…). The unit can be installed at a concealed location on board. There is only one USB-cable that connects the WIBE-Pro to the computer. The unit is powered by 12 Volt board supply.

The Package contains the WIBE-Pro and the WeatherInfoViewer Software. The Software downloads the weather information from the WEATHERiNFOBOX via USB and processes it with the latest technology, sort, classify and visualized. Even complex weather conditions are presented in pictures or animations. This weather information is computed with modern meteorological and Mesoscale aspects.
The WeatherInfoViewer has the special ability to convert the simple text messages of the DWD (=German Weather Service) in to place, time and meteorological data sets to show these data in a graphical animated picture series. This makes it easier to understand the weather situation significantly, because now you can see a “moving picture” of the weather for the next few days.

In contrast to other weather systems the presentation of the meteorological data is very intuitive and presents the data in a very simple and uncomplicated ways – just as you’d expect it from a modern software.
With only one mouse-click you will get all forecast values in plain text.

Furthermore, the integrated Barograph Diagram can be used for your own weather analysis. The Weatherinfobox with built-in barometric pressure sensor records the air reassure curve for up to 7 days. Only those who have seen the Barograph curve before, during and after a storm know how a disaster can be prevented. You can ‘see’ a storm coming at a very early stage.

Navigator Version

The Navigator version includes MeteoRouteControl: You can create the planned route on a map similar to a navigation map. WeatherInfoViewer then calculates the weather data using the journey’s estimated time and colors the planned route according to the weather situation. Thus you can see easily when, at what time, and on what route section unfavorable weather conditions will be expected. The route can be modified and exported, if necessary. This extension is meant to control a route realistically, using a GPS, from the meteorological site. There is no guarantee given by us for the topicality and correctness of the Navigation charts.

Option: PLUS

An additional option to the Weather Messages provided by the WEATHERiNFOBOX is the Internet weather forecast data via the MeteoServer (www.meteoserver.net). It allows downloading high resolution forecast data up to 7 days and even satellite images. The weather forecast data servers are a good and inexpensive addition to the Weather information received by the WEATHERiNFOBOX.
Depending on the different meteorological data downloaded, different data layers can be combined: such as wind, air pressure, waves, precipitation, etc…

With animation, the weather development can be reviewed during the period of the received forecast data. The MeteoServer provides a large selection of Satellite images from which the WeatherInfoViewer can create animations.

This software/hardware combination is characterized by smooth start-up and good results as well as an outstanding cost/performance-ratio.

The WIB E-Pro is available in following variations:

  1. Navigator version
    Processed the weather data from the WIB E-Pro and convert the popular sea-weather forecasts in great graphic animation and Weather Route Control
  2. Navigator-PLUS version
    Includes all features as the Navigator version and 365 days including meteorological data from the Internet

What’s in the Box:

The following parts belong to the delivery scope of the Bonito WIBE-Pro:

  • 1 x WeatherInfobox WIB-E
  • 1 x USB-cable
  • 1x Wire antenna with 10 Meters coax cable
  • 1 x WeatherInfoViewer Navigator Version
  • CD with WIBE-installing software, USB-driver
  • User Manual

Minimum requirements

  • A Computer:
    The computer must have an Intel Pentium M processor with at least 1 GHz, 1 GB RAM and either Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista installed, as well as a graphics card with 1024×600 32 bit colour resolution.
  • Internet registration: (IMPORTANT!)
    Weather Info viewer must be registered and unlocked via the Internet. For protection against abuse and also to get updates and / or to have access to the meteorological data from the Internet. Without registration, the software will not start.

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