WLAN an Bord


The WiFi-Bundle consists of a High-Range stick and a WiFi router.

For years now, many marinas have offered the skippers WiFi-access. With this WiFi-Router you can receive a far-away WiFi-signals with the help of our High-Range WiFi-stick, e.g. from the marina or a hotel and make the signal available for everybody within the vicinity of the router.  This High-Range WiFi-stick receives the WiFi-signal and passes it on directly to the WiFi-router via the USB-cable.  The router then distributes the internet signal wirelessly to laptops, Smartphones and tablets.  The router uses 12V and so it is ideal for sailing trips or mobile homes.

In case a WiFi-signal should not be available, you can distribute the UMTS internet access per WiFi with compatible 3G/UMTS-sticks and then other devices can make use of the UMTS connection. Because of its 12V 1A power requirement, the device is compatible with the boat’s electric circuit.


  • Separate WiFi Access Point for your boat
  • WiFi connection from the marina with all your WiFi devices onboard
  • Data rates up to 150Mbps and compatibility with 802.11b/g devices
  • Enhanced robust safety features:  Firewall with SPI to defend the internal host from hacker attacks
  • Extensive WiFi safety through WPA/WPA2 PSK
  • Many functions: WDS, Dual SSIDs, Static Routing, QoS and more


Important note: According to German regulations, the output power (EIRP) of a WiFi device must not exceed 20 dBm (100mW). Please, observe all pertinent regulations of your country.

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