Dayton Hamvention 2015 Samstag / Saturday

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Dayton Hamvention 2015 Freitag / Friday

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First impressions from the big Show Dayton Hamvention 2015 (Thursday)

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Finally, Bonito Tuning Wheels are back in stock!

We received today the last large delivery of TuningWheels until this item is replaced by a new product. All pre-orders will be notified and will get in the next few days the post mail.

All interested Customers can order the Tuning Wheel in the Hamradioshop.

The detailed installation video can be found here: YouTubeBonito TuningWheel

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Easter greetings

Happy-EasterHappy Eastern from your Bonito-Team
Keep Listening

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Spring Offers

Bonito Frü

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Spring makes everything new…

a true saying. We have been busy during the winter and have been tinkering with our products and have even developed new ones. As a result, we can offer you some new devices and improvements.

MegaLoop ML200

MegaLopp ML200 active Loop Antenna

MegaLopp ML200 Active Loop Antenna with stainless steel Loop


For 2015, the electronics of the MegaLoop ML200 was further improved as far as its intermodulation suppression is concerned. The IP2 value could be raised from +65dbm to a full +85dbm and the IP3 value to +40dbm.

The amplification for adjusting the various lengths of the radiating element can be selected internally via jumper.
High/low-Gain: difference typically 10dB
Default setting: High-Gain at 5m-long loop
Frequency response: Low Gain: 9 KHz – 170 MHz (-3dB); High Gain: 9KHz – 110 MHz (-3dB)
IP3: typ. +40dBm
IP2: typ. +85dBm

Stainless steel loop is now available

Additionally for outside use, we can offer now a loop made of salt-water proof, PVC-coated stainless steel cable (V4A). The standard length is 5 meters. On request, we can deliver custom made lengths. For listeners interested in long wave reception, a 10m-loop offers a real improvement. Continue reading

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Just arrived: The RadioUser Magazine

Just arrived in the Bonito Office: The new RadioUser Magazine with the Test of the Bonito Antennas #BoniWhip #ML200 and #GigActiv by Mike Richards. Subscribers have the issue already and interested SWL can buy it already in the UK.

Title: Bonito Boni-Whip, NTI GigActiv GA3005 and NTI MegaLoop ML200
Mike Richards looks at three German active antennas marketed by Bonito and distributed in the UK by Taylor Made RF Limited

I hope they allow me to release an PDF of if it in the near Future.

Thank you very much to the RadioUser Team, Mike Richards and Chris Taylor (Taylor Made RF Limited) for the great Support.

Keep Listening

Bonito active Antennas in RadioUser Magazine

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Bonito now on Instagram

Since I was informed how important and especially cool Instagram is today, I have opened an account and already uploaded some photos and videos.

Bonito auf Istagram

At I will share photos and Videos from now on. After a few hours we already had a few followers. Let’s see how many there are in the future.

Keep Listening

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For our Italian friends: Sito Boni-Whip in italiano

Per i nostri amici italiani, Sito Boni-Whip in italiano.
We have translatet the Boni-Whip Site in Italian. More sites will be translated soon.

It would be great if some one can check it. If you find errors please contact me.


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