National Hamfest in Newark Images and Report

The national Hamfest went well, the weather was excellent and we had lots of fun. The new active antennas were received very well, the RadioJet 1305 sold extremely well and was sold out on Friday already. There were crowds at our stand and could have used a couple more people. I feel sorry for the people who didn’t feel like waiting. But I am glad that they will be very well taken care of by our main distributor Taylor Made RF. Chris and his crew supported me very well and I do hope that this partnership will continue for a long time.

It was clearly noticeable that Britain is coming out of its recession. People are more receptive to new products and are willing to invest a little more in their equipment. Hamrope, the second German exhibitor, as well as BHI and Kennwood were under the same impression.

As I was told in the hotel, Steve Nichols G0KYA (a very well known antenna expert and author) has tested the Boni-Whip and is enthusiastic about this small antenna. In his new publication “Stealth Antennas” he has included receiving antennas and will evaluate our MegaLoop ML200 and the GigActive 3005 shortly. My suggestion to offer PDF-updates to his book was met with enthusiasm. Let’s see what will come of it.

In the near future, there will be tests of our products in “RadioUser”, “Practical Wireless” and “RadCom

I also brought along something new and it will be exclusively available in Germany at BONITO in a few days:

The TS-990 keypad for the Kenwood TS-990.

A new Bonito product: The TS-990 Keypad.

A new Bonito product for the Kenwood TS-990: The TS-990 keypad: 8 buttons in a stylishly lasered acrylic box. The beautiful keypad made of laser-treated acryl has 8 buttons which can be controlled by the Kenwood TS-990. (How that is done is described in the Kenwood manual). Thus menu functions of the TS-990, e.g. switching antennas etc, can be controlled by these buttons. If, for example, you have only two antennas connected to your 990, you always have to go through all four buttons Ant1, Ant2, Ant3 and Ant4. But if you put only Antenna 1 and Antenna 2 on this keypad, you can switch forth and back very fast. This makes working with the TS 900 a lot easier. I already have such a keyboard in my office and I am waiting for the first delivery.

more Images will follow:

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