More SNR – less noise / The new MegaLoop models are here!

At the beginning of the model year 2016, there is good news for our MegaLoop Active Loop Antennas:

New Model: MegaLoop ML052

MegaLoop ML052The new Active Loop MegaLoop ML052, which will be available by end of February, is the successor to our MegaLoop ML060. Based on the proven technology of the MegaLoop 200 platform, an additional low pass filter with an extra FM-band-stop has been integrated. Thus, the ML052 is especially suitable for operation near strong FM-stations and at higher frequencies , where, because of its broadband capacity, the ML200 could be overloaded by strong signals.

Frequency range:
Low Gain: 9kHz – 52 MHz
High Gain: 9 kHz – 36 MHz
Suppression on FM (88 – 108 MHz): max. 40 dB

Intercept Point
IP:3: typ. +40dBm
IP2: typ. +84 dBm

The effect of the integrated filter can be seen very well on these two images:

ML052 in High Gain Mode

ML052 in High Gain Mode

ML052 in Low Gain Mode

ML052 in Low Gain Mode

Like the ML 200, the amplification of the ML052 can be changed internally with a jumper:
a) High Gain: 0-36MHz
b) Low Gain: 0-52 MHz (-7dB)
Suppression of the FM band: (88-108MHz): max. 40dB

Outstanding intermodulation surpression, with only 5 volts!

CPI1000 with Powerbank

CPI1000 with a standard Powerbank

The MegaLoop ML052 achieved outstanding values regarding intermodulation suppression even at a low supply voltage of only 5V. It can be powered either by a conventional plug power supply or even via USB. Powering via USB has the advantage that no external power supply is needed and that the antenna can be used autonomously and noise-free with a separate USB power bank. An appropriate dual power input adapter (CPI1000) is already included in the standard package.

The MegaLoop ML052 can now be pre-ordered in our eShop under In the UK at Taylor Made RF.

Our proven MegaLoop ML 200 has been revisedMegaLopp ML200 active Loop Antenna

a.) Additional input overvoltage protection: Directly at the antenna input another overvoltage protection has been added. Thus the MegaLoop ML200 is now triple protected against overvoltage.

b.) Improved sensitivity: In the upper frequency range, the sensitivity has been optimized, the max. achievable signal / noise ratio (SNR) has improved by up to 3dB.

MegaLoop ML200 in High Gain Mode

MegaLoop ML200 in High Gain Mode

MegaLoop ML200 in Low Gain Mode

MegaLoop ML200 in Low Gain Mode

A rigid loop is on its way


MegaLoop ML052 with ridgid Loop

Even a rigid loop, as we have already shown in Dortmund (78 cm diameter), is in the final stages of development and will hopefully be soon delivered. In recent years, there has always been the desire of customers for a rigid loop that you can simply place anywhere. We are working on an idea to avoid large parcel delivery costs for the loop. We expect the delivery of the ridgid loop by mid to late March. More information soon in this newsroom.

Keep listening
Dennis Walter

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