National Hamfest in Newark Images and Report 2015

The national Hamfest is over and had a very good job over there. The exhibition went well again, the weather was excellent. Perfect for a good show and we had lots of fun. Many Visitors where at our booth. 3000 Visitors in total. Thats the best National Hamfest ever!

The RadioJet 1305 adn the MegaLoop ML200 was sold extremely well and was sold out. Even the TuningWheel was sold out on Friday already.

Our Dealer Chris (Taylor Made RF) and his crew supported me very well and I do hope that this partnership will continue for a long time.

We will have a different Booth next year. We want to be more open to the Vistors and we are happy to come back.

Here are some images, I’d already posted on Instagram while the Show. Please have a look at



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