Overvoltage protection OVP1000 in practical use

Chris Crosby (K4RAF) the Admin of the popular Facebook page: Shortwave Radio Listeners is doing Shortwave radio the whole Day. It is part of his life for minimum 30 Years. I sent him a collection of our Products for evaluating and testing them in the USA.

OVP1000 Over Voltage ProtectorThis is his first practical “hardcore” Test of our Over Voltage Protector OVP1000.
Good reasons using our Over Voltage Protector OVP1000 in practical. Please read what happen with Cris’ Elad S2 when the OVP1000 was connected while thunderstorms going wild around his area (USA). I knew that it will work, but this is cool.

A word from your Admin on this product in non technical but rather practical experience:
The tail end of Tropical Storm Bill? arrived locally tonight. It has been a long time since I have seen such a densely concentrated lightning field. Very frequently strike, inside the front with not much on the leading edge!
When I plugged in my SDR [Elad S2 tonight], the “DC Clipping Alarm” was almost flashing up to 3 times/second even though the Southern edge of the front was some 60km+ to my North. I have seen this before but when the energy field was much closers.
I usually minimize this by disconnecting or using the attenuator which can knock down the static voltage for minor storms. Not tonight. I was amazed how intense this was tonight but I had another tool, something very new & I had a golden chance to evaluate it [Non-technically]:. A Bonito OVP1000 thanks to Dennis of Bonito. I inserted the 1000 inline while listening to Old Time Radio on 6770 AM, on my beverage.
Not only did it decrease clipping without attenuator inline, it eliminates the DC clips with attenuator engaged!!!
I can say from experience, the OVP1000 is reasonably priced, protection device that offers no noticeable insertion loss of signal & obviously drops the induced static…

Using the Bonito OVP1000 while wild thunderstorms in Virginia USA Using the Bonito OVP1000 while wild thunderstorms in Virginia USA Using the Bonito OVP1000 while wild thunderstorms in Virginia USA

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