Spring makes everything new…

a true saying. We have been busy during the winter and have been tinkering with our products and have even developed new ones. As a result, we can offer you some new devices and improvements.

MegaLoop ML200

MegaLopp ML200 active Loop Antenna

MegaLopp ML200 Active Loop Antenna with stainless steel Loop


For 2015, the electronics of the MegaLoop ML200 was further improved as far as its intermodulation suppression is concerned. The IP2 value could be raised from +65dbm to a full +85dbm and the IP3 value to +40dbm.

The amplification for adjusting the various lengths of the radiating element can be selected internally via jumper.
High/low-Gain: difference typically 10dB
Default setting: High-Gain at 5m-long loop
Frequency response: Low Gain: 9 KHz – 170 MHz (-3dB); High Gain: 9KHz – 110 MHz (-3dB)
IP3: typ. +40dBm
IP2: typ. +85dBm

Stainless steel loop is now available

Additionally for outside use, we can offer now a loop made of salt-water proof, PVC-coated stainless steel cable (V4A). The standard length is 5 meters. On request, we can deliver custom made lengths. For listeners interested in long wave reception, a 10m-loop offers a real improvement.


Starting immediately, the MegaLoop ML200 comes with a Dual Power power supply. Thus the ML200 can be powered both with a power supply as well as via USB. The USB power supply has the advantage of a) no external power supply is needed and b) the antenna can be used autonomously and free from noise via a separate USB-Power Bank.
The advantages are obvious
Compared to other competing products with a rigid loop and high power consumption, the ML 200 is collapsible and because of its power supply via USB it is mobile, fast and simple to use. With a PowerBank, the ML200 can be operated for days without an extra power supply. With two suction cups, the antenna can be fastened to a window and is ready to go right away. This also works well in hotels or holiday apartments and even caravans.

Not bulky!

Because the antenna can be packed so small, only the standard postage of 5,50€ is charged (withing Germany). This way you save already approx. 30,00 € compared to the postage for a rigid loop and 1m-diameter which has to be sent as bulky goods.

Spring offer

The Megaloop ML200 is currently available for a special price of 279,00€ (incl. 19% VAT) only  at HamradioShop.net

Worldwide novelty: MegActiv 305

Worldwide novelty: MegActiv 305 Active Antenna (Bonito)

With the MegActiv 305 we expand our choice of USB-powered E-field active antennas. The MegActiv 305 close the gap between the Boni-Whip and the GigActiv 3005. This noise-free antenna, which is produced according to the highest standards, covers the frequency range between 9 kHz and 300 MHz. With a radiating element of only 18 cm it can be erected inconspicuously. It can be powered with 5-15 V DC (max.120mA) and alternatively with the supplied Dual Power unit CPI 1000DP via USB.

On shortwave, its IP3-value is typically >+30dBm at 7 MHz.
Frequency range: 9KHz – 300MHz
Enlarged and flexible 200mm radiating element.


Large supply voltage range of 5-15V with a power requirement of only 10mA. Thus it can be powered via USB or autonomously and noise- free via a separate USB Power Bank.
Integrated double surge protection of the active components: Coarse protection by gas discharge tubes with 60V firing voltage with max. pulse leakage current 1kA (8/20µs) with additional integrated ESD fine protection of max. 2kV.
Standard delivery with DualPower power unit CPI1000DP (external power supply and USB-operation possible)
IP3:>typ. +30dBm
IP2:>typ. +50dBm
The MegActiv will be available by the end of April for an introductory offer of 174,99€ (incl. 19% VAT). We will present a sample at the RMRC DX-Camp and Fernando of Fenu-Radio.ch will test the antenna shortly.

Worldwide novelty: OVP1000 Over Voltage Protector

OVP1000 Over Voltage Protector

Triple protection against excess voltage on antenna cables: For the protection of you receiver, we offer with the OVP1000 a new over voltage protector. Inserted into coax cables, high current pulses caused by nearby thunderstorms will be dissipated. The OVP 1000 protects against high power surges in three ways:
On the antenna side: A gas discharge tube with 60V firing voltage, max. pulse leakage current 1kA (8/20µs)
On the receiver side: An ultra-fast ESD diode (30KV; max. pulse power 350W (8/20µs)
Additionally, DC voltages up to max. 100V are blocked at the input and output.

Extremely broad frequency range: 200Hz – GHz (typ. 1dB insertion loss)
Coax connectors: BNC
Please note the disclaimer:

The OVP 1000 is no protection against direct lightning strikes because a lightning flash always is directed to the ground via the shortest possible way which is not necessarily the coax cable. The protection is limited to the power surge and potential difference between the shielding of the coaxial cable and the inner conductor. A liability for connected devices is strictly excluded!

The OVP 1000 is available immediately. Simply place an order at Hamradioshop

Do you have any questions? Simply drop us an E-Mail at office@bonito.net

Keep Listening


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