USB-Radio oder USB-SDR Connection Guide

First, you have to install the receiver software. Please read the receiver manual carefully and follow ALL the instructions until it is installed completely . If your receiver comes with a special application software from the manufacturer, like the Winradio, be sure that you install the newest version. Visit the manufacturer’s website. We do not recommend the installation of Beta-software or drivers. With Perseus SDR it can happen that there is a more recent version available, but it has not been published yet in the SDK for developers. In case of problems install the previous release or contact us.

It is important to install the supplied driver and not the XP or Vista driver or something out of the Internet!!! Those Drivers may not have all the important information's which are needed to identify the receiver by your computer system.

It is important to install the driver from the manufacturer’s CD and not the one from Windows. These drivers may not have all the information which are necessary for RadioCom to identify the radio clearly.

RadioCom does not require any VAC/Virtual Audio Cable or a professional demodulator. The remote control is completely integrated in RadioCom6, so no additional software is necessary.

Don’t use the user software of the manufacturer’s receiver while operating RadioCom


Connect your Receiver to the Computer

Make sure that the receiver is connected and has been completely installed on your PC and is functioning properly.

Connecting the switchbox

RadioCom comes with the BONITO switchbox., also called dongle. Normally, the BONITO switchbox is used to control various conventional radios which need a level converter. Although your radio is controlled directly via USB, you still have to insert the switchbox into a free COM-Port. In this case it serves as a software protection device.

In case you have a second radio, which needs a level converter, you can connect it to the BONITO switchbox.

Plug the switchbox to a free COM-port, also called serial port. RadioCom will find this COM-port automatically when being installed. If you have no free COM-port left, but have a USB serial adapter, install it first. Make sure that this COM-port is between COM1 and COM9.

Check your Sound Card settings

To run RadioCom you have to check your sound card settings first. Devices like Webcams, Cell phones, HDMI or similar devices are changing the Windows sound card settings very often and RadioCom is unable to identify the correct  analog in- and output device.
Open [Start] [Settings\Control Panel] [Sounds and Audio Devices]
Click “AUDIO” and, under “Sound Playback”, choose the sound card of the PC and do the same with “Sound Recording”

Note: Some sound cards (often with a Realtec chip) activate their inputs and outputs only, if a plug is inserted. Otherwise, these ports or the whole sound recording card does not appear in the Windows system. For USB-SDR radios we don't require the input-jacks, BUT we need the recoding part of the analog sound card. We recommend turning off input  function if possible or plugging in the supplied audio cable into the audio input jack.

Important for ICOM PCR/R1500/2500
After the successful installation of the receiver, the ICOM driver change the  sound card settings and you can’t hear other sounds anymore.
To run RadioCom you
must change the sound card back to its default settings: go to standard settings:
[Start] [Settings\Control Panel] [Sounds and Audio Devices]
Click “AUDIO” and choose under “Sound Playback” the sound card of the PC and do the same with “Sound Recording”.

If you have Windows Vista or 7 the SOundcard Setting as different. Watchout the "How to..."

Open the Setup Menu:

After inserting the CD-ROM the auto start will display the "Setup Program" (provided your PC-system allows auto-start). If RadioCom is already installed on your Computer you don’t have to insert the CD again. You just open the RadioCom setup program.
You’ll find the RadioCom Setup here:
[Start] [(All) Programs] [Bonito RC60] [Setup RadioCom 6]

First of all check the Audio Mixer Driver Selection (marked red on the image) to see if your sound card is prompted in there. If one of the drop down menus "Output-Device" or "Input-Device"  is empty, RadioCom was unable to identify your sound card. In this case it makes no sense to go on. You have to correct the sound card settings first.
Close RadioCom setup and proceed back to point 3 above.

Select Radio and COM-Port

(1) In the Setup you can choose between channel 1 or channel  2 mode.
Choose Radio Channel 1 (for your first radio)

(2) Select now your receiver from the „radio selection“ list.

(3) Under "Dongle Control" select the correct COM-Port for the Switchbox.

If you get an error message: Make sure your Radio is connected correctly and check your COM-Port settings as described in Point 2.






Install & start RadioCom:

After your selections and if there is no error message, click on the button ‘Install’. RadioCom will be installed. The installation ends with ‘Copy Ready.’








After finishing the installation automatically the Registration Window appears. RadioCom must be registered via the internet. After the installation, the dialogue opens automatically. Should you ignore this, the dialogue will be repeated over and over again instead of starting the program.

  1. In the RadioCom Setup press the ‘Registry’ button on the left.
    A window ‘Internet registration will appear.

  2. Fill in each field to ‘e-mail’.

  3. Press the button ‘Check e-mail address and send Control-code. The server generates an e-mail with a code and sends it to the e-mail address provided

  4. Pick up the e-mail, copy the code, and enter it in the field ‘E-mail ControlCode’

  5. Press the button "OK, register me". If the registration is successful the message "registration ok " appears which you acknowledge with "OK"

The computer stores the access codes. You can retrieve them any time and copy them; please, keep them in a safe place for later re-activation. Additionally, you will receive the access codes automatically via e-mail.

NOTE: The registration is only possible once. When re-installing the software has to be reactivated with the codes you were sent. How to do this, we explain here in chapter 6.

Important! Print out the access codes and keep them in a safe place. This is your license! Should you lose the codes, we can send you the current ones for a fee of 5€.

If the Software was already registered you have to reactivate it!!!

After finishing the installation, close the Setup. There will be a RadioCom icon on your Windows desktop. Double-click on the icon to start RadioCom.

Now go on with "starting RadioCom"