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Panorama-View & ExtIQ-Receiver
EEprom & Calibration
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int HandleEEpromValue( int type, int set );

Return Value
    WT_VALUE - Write Values = Nonzero if successful; otherwise 0.
    RD_VALUE  - Read Values = brings back the read value


  int tpye 
can be one of the following definitions:

//EEprom write values
#define EEPROM_WT_VALUE_FCOR 0x00010000 //EEprom Value of Frequency-Xtal Correcture
#define EEPROM_WT_VALUE_FSCL 0x00010001 //EEprom Value of Frequency-Xtal Scale
#define EEPROM_WT_VALUE_ACOR 0x00010002 //EEprom Value of Input Sample Correcture
#define EEPROM_WT_VALUE_DCOR 0x00010003 //EEprom Value of the Gain-Factor of the DX-Channel

//EEprom read values

#define EEPROM_RD_VALUE_FCOR 0x00000000 //EEprom Value of Frequency-Xtal Correcture
#define EEPROM_RD_VALUE_FSCL 0x00000001 //EEprom Value of Frequency-Xtal Scale
#define EEPROM_RD_VALUE_ACOR 0x00000002 //EEprom Value of Input Sample Correcture
#define EEPROM_RD_VALUE_DCOR 0x00000003 //EEprom Value of the Gain-Factor of the DX-Channel

  int set
on type of EEPROM_WT_....
= this hold the write value


    Read, Write or Check the EEprom Data

BOOL WriteValue(int type, int value)
    if(AfxMessageBox("are your shure ? to burne this?",MB_YESNO)==IDYES)
        return TRUE;
    return FALSE;

int ReadValue(int type)
    return HandleEEpromValue(type,0);
See Also   --> IFScopeControl.h,IFScopeControl.cpp,RJ10M-DLL.h

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