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BOOL OpenAFOutput( HWND audioout, char *name, HWND DecEndWindow );

Return Value

    TRUE if successful; otherwise FALSE.


  HWND audioout
this is a window handle, which receives the audio output messages.

  char name
this is name of the output device, which receives the demodulated audio blocks.

  HWND DecEndWindow
this is a window handle, which receives the messages for a decoder / encoder routine.


    if a new audio block ready,
    then a message WM_AUDIOOUT is send to the audioout window,
    or to the DecEndWindow window, if it was a tx-audio.

    if audioout or DecEndWindow  = NULL, then no message is desired.
    if name = NULL, then the default audio output device is used.

   //if a new audio block ready, then send a messages to my window
   //use the default output device
   //i do not want any encoder messages


See Also   --> RJ10M-DLL.h


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