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Project Level 1

Developer Plattform


Start and Process Control

Radio Control

IF-In & AF-Out Control
Panorama-View & ExtIQ-Receiver
EEprom & Calibration
Graphical Utillity

Overview of Open Source Projekt RJ10Mini
This is a control application for the IF-Receiver RadioJet 1102S and also DiRaWave 0032U
It is supposed to be used for an implementation into your own application.



      the Project RJ10Mini is for all individuals who want to try it for yourself

      the Project RJ10FiFi is only for the FiFi-SDR OV-Lennestadt-O28   

and the Project ExtIO_RJ10 is for all who like to make it yourself



ExtIO DLL's for the Bonito Panorama-Spectroscope
and for the use in a program like Winrad or similar
see >>> PanoScope.htm

FiFi-SDR  OV-Lennestadt

RadioJet 1102S

WiNRADiO Excalibur & Pro

RFSpace SDR-IQ / SDR-14

DiRaWave 0032U

microtelecom Perseus
this is not free as Open Sources

a special order of Nico Palermo only for Bonito



Developing Conditions

this document

Sitemap and Overview of all the DLL-Commands


Nichts ist ohne schriftlich, verbindliche Genehmigung erlaubt.


Nothing is allowed without written binding authorization.

the SourceCodes

the download page for all the source codes  Microsoft Visual C++ (Vers.6)

The first instructions / Start and Process Control


the first call to connect the Receiver


the IF input message WM_PROCESS_IFIN will be processed by this App


close Radio- and Audio- Device

Radio Control

SetRadioFrq set the radio frequency in Hz
SetRadioATT set the radio attenuator (ON/OFF)
SetRadioIGC set the audio atomatic IF gain control
SetRadioIF set the radio filter band width
SetRadioMode set the radio demodulator mode LSB,USB,AM,FM...
SetRadioVolume set the radio volume and reset the IGC Function
SetRadioSquelch set the radio squelch

EEprom & Calibration
SetRadioFrqCorr set the Si570 Xtal-Frequency correcture in Hz
SetRadioFrqScale set the Si570 Xtal-Frequency Scale in Hz
SetDXFactor set the DX-Gain Factor of the DX-Channel
SetAudioSampleCorr set the audio sample freqency correction in ppm
GetEEpromInfo read the EEprom and create viewlable information
HandleEEpromValue Read, Write or Check the EEprom Data
HandleRadioValue Set or Get radio parameter
SetCalibrationMark set an calibration signal in dBm
SetCalibrationLine switch the DoubleLines-Input on/off --> for two calibration signal lines

extern IQ-Receiver for WidthBand Panorama Spectroscope
OpenExtIQ open the extern I/Q receiver for panorama view
CloseExtIQ close the extern I/Q receiver
GetExtIQDrawData get all the plot data and parameter of the current extern I/Q-Signal
SetExtIQData set calibration data for the extern I/Q receiver
PepareExtIQDataSet fill and prepare the default ExtIQ-Parameterset

IF-In & AF-Out Control
OpenIFInput Open IF Input with your audio messages window and backprocess
ActivateIFInput reactivate or deactivate IF Input after an device removement
GetIFDrawData get all the plot data and parameter of the current IF-Signal
OpenAFOutput Open AF Output and Init it for your audio messages window
MixerChange handle all messages of the IF-Input/Audio-Mixer
SetWaveOutVolume set the wave out volume
SetWaveInLevel set the wave in level
SetIFInputLevel set the IF-Input level and the currend ON/OFF state
SetIFOutputLevel set the IF-OutInput level
SetSpeakerOnOff switch the main speaker ON or OFF
SetStereoOnOff switch the AudioOut to Stereo (only for DRM mode)
SetInputChannel set the HI/LO Channel or automatic
CheckDeviceChangings check device changings by message OnDeviceChange

Graphical Utillity
InitRJ10Colors init the RJ10 color design
DrawPotiLayout draw a potentiometer design

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