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Project Level 1

Developer Plattform


Start and Process Control

Radio Control

IF-In & AF-Out Control
Panorama-View & ExtIQ-Receiver
EEprom & Calibration
Graphical Utillity


BOOL OpenReceiver( HWND mainwnd, char *maindir, UINT PID );

Return Value

  if  -1  RadioJet is not properly in the USB-Port, poor contact, remove the device and connect it again
  if   1  RadioJet is ready
  else the RadioJet is not ready.


     HWND mainwnd
     this is the message window for all the main frame commands like:

     char *maindir
if this NULL, the we set only the mainwnd and come back ,
because the window did not exist previously,
otherwise the DLL is installed and the working directory is set to that name.

for the default ID set PID = NULL,
 but it may be you have a different PID, such as a 2nd RadioJet.


      this is the first call to connect the Receiver.

   see more -->CheckDeviceChangings

See Also   --> RJ10M-DLL.h


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